blue moon (2)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

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Damn do I love looking at life from the outside?
Who the fuck needs TV when you have real people outside your house creating the best reality show on earth?

The cast is everyone and anyone you see, hear, touch and smell.
The story
The story is your life, played over and over again until, it’s over.

I see a teenage boy
I see a teenage girl

They’re in love

But they are not allowed

I know
They know
We know
Everyone knows.

Forbidden fruit.

I sit quietly in the shadows and watch
I see yesterday
I see many yesterdays
It’s the tomorrows I worry about

I remember the past as if it was a dream
Or a nightmare

I remember once when I wasn’t allowed to taste the forbidden fruit; actually there have been many times I haven’t been allowed to but when you are young and it’s for the purest reasons that you want it, then it’s different.

When you’re young you’re stupid, which is a good thing believe it or not.
Stupid is the negative side of naïve.
You look at something without prejudice when it comes to love.
You only see the person you fall in love with and not the color of their skin, what religion they are or if they short tall, big or small.
Love knocks down more fucken walls than all the bombs in the world combined.


There are some really thick walls sometimes.

I remember being bribed with a large sum of money and an airplane ticket to Hawaii for two weeks all expenses paid, all I had to do is dump the girl friend and marry someone else when I got back.

Where was the love in that deal?

Remember I was young back then and stupid.

100,000, a house to marry a woman I met once, I think

I went to pick her up one time and got arrested

I still don’t know why

She used to sneak away from her sisters and meet me in various government buildings I had keys for throughout this city
Roll around on the carpet in some minister’s office while they were out for lunch.

Suitors paraded before her by day
By night she was mine

Years passed, many years.
12 before they gave up


I sit on the porch lost in the dark of night and I watch, I watch a teenage girl sneak across the parking lot to the park.
A teenage boy runs up the street the other way to the same park.

But then again, I’m getting old and I can’t see as good as I used to.

I have eaten many a forbidden fruit since then but I will always remember how sweet the first one was.

Have a nice day



Gypsy said...

We always remember the first no matter how many years go by. I have tasted the forbidden fruit and it was sweet and juicy while it lasted but left a very bitter taste in my mouth afterwards :)

PBS said...

Awww, first love, sigh...but I married my first love and that did not turn out so well!

Peter said...

As always Walker, a very thoughtful view of the young.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Awesome post, Walker - it brought back many memories. BTW, I came here via Gypsy's blog, and will be back for more. :-)

Jac said...

A lovely post about the past, walker

patti_cake said...

Yes forbidden fruit truly is the sweetest!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Very evocative story Walker.

BikerCandy said...

Isn't it amazing we all have those same feelings from our youth and that first love?

Blazngfyre said...

First love is just that .... the FIRST!
Good or bad, it's how we judge others to follow, and often shapes how we handle ourselves and others in future relationships.

Once tasted, it's not so much forbidden anymore.

Sally said...

Walker, I wanted to thank you for your kinds words today. It always help to know people care. I'll be back soon. Take care.

mrhaney said...

just dropped by to tell you i went to dots blog and she has tagged you. you are a popular person.