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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ready To Bbq ©

Well here I am, it’s 10 am and I am sitting at the computer poking out this short post.
The weather took at turn yesterday and went from freaken hot to fucken cold.
Welcome to Canada. LOL
I spent the better part of an hour dragging in t he 26 plants in from outside so they don’t freeze, seeing as they are tropical plants and are not used to frost bit leaves.

After finding temporary homes for the jungle I continued my work until 4 am.
By the time I crawled into bed there were 100 souvlaki (shish kebabs) ready and 30 pieces of chicken soaking in marinade.
The old crowd said they wanted bbq because their teeth can’t take chewing on pork.
The pastitsio, mousaka, spanakopites and tiropites were ready.
The dolmathes and the keftethes (meat balls) in tomato sauce were done the day before.
Last night I got the roasted peppers that I peeled into their marinade and the same with the spicy tomato salad.
Just before I started making the tzatziki sauce (cucumber yoghurt dip) my mother phoned and said they wanted me to make a bean salad, making it a 19 dish buffet.
The last thing I made before I headed off to bed were the 110 jelly shooters.
So all that is left now is to wait for the guests and crank it up for some fun.

It’s funny how life is, as fifty people gather to celebrate a night of living, all of this comes on the heels of a funeral yesterday for the boy that was killed in the accident and while we will be sitting here breaking bread with family and friends, the phone will be close by waiting for news of my father’s sister who is in the hospital dieing of cancer.
I will post about that next week along with some personal thoughts of the differences between or systems in Greece and in Canada.

I guess I better get going, I understand my mother wants me to wrestle my father to the ground and knock down a temporary wall he has erected but before I go, I wish you all a nice weekend and enjoy it with your friends and family as I sit with mine.




Shaz said...

Wishing you well walker xx

Dotm said...

WOW!! after trying for over a week, I finally made it without the ad cutting me off. While I was here I was able to catch up with a lot of the posts I had missed.
Sounds more like a feast than a BBQ. Too bad we all didn`t live close enough to sample all your many cookings. Makes me feel lazy as I never cook like that unless it is Christmas or Easter when others might show up. Now father`s day used to be a good cooking day also. Gone are the days when I always cooked a big supper every day for Walt and the family. problem now is I am still finding it hard to cook just for one, I always end up with enough for three meals instead of just one.
Sad about the friends son. Kids seemed to think iot only happens to other people, they feel they can handle most anything till it is too late. I remember my youngest going way too fast down out road doing a wheely on his motorcycle. One of my daughters and I heard the loud crash inside my house, ran out and saw that he had gone over backwards and the loud bang was his helmet hitting the road. I was surprised when I saw him getting up and was ok. cracked the helmet, but he wasn`t hurt. But he was shook up enough to stop the wheelys with that speed at least. Wonder he wasn`t killed. Sometimes those helmets save a life, other times they can break a neck. I was very scared that day. I watched him all evening like a hawk for fear he might show symptoms later on.

No brakes, wonder what that lad was thinking that day when he started speeding knowing he couldn`t stop. Also wonder why he didn`t turn off the road or try to go around so he wouldn`t strike the vehicle. Leaves so many unanswered questions when something like this happens. Feel so sorry for his family.

Oh no, I forgot I was tagged by you a while back. What was that tag supposed to be about? Sorry, I had forgotten until just now.

gab said...

yeah here too cold but we got rain too!
better start the bbq without mt dont think I'll make it lol

Isabella said...

I'm very late so by now I imagine the party is over and now the clean up begins. Hope it was an amazing night Walker, you deserve it to be with all the effort you put in. I'm determined to get to one of your BBQ's. Can I be Vickie's assistant? She can serve and I'll taste test to make sure the shooters are fit for human consumption. I know its very kind of me, you can thank me

Peter said...

That surely sounds like a BBQ to die for Walker, hope it all goes well.

Blazngfyre said...

OPA!!!! lol

Hope your BBQ was a success, cold weather or not! :)