blue moon (2)

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Day After ©

I ‘d like to thank all of you for your kind comments about Emme.
I would also like to thank everyone who offered to talk over the phone but I really wasn’t in the right frame of mind to talk to any one by the end of the day.
It was a tough day and by the end of the night tempers had flared with my brother and he came dangerously close to being pummelled.

I didn’t waste any time in dealing with Emme and made some calls for a ride and her burial.
I didn’t want Frick to see her like that so I wrapped her up in a towel and put her in a box until my ride came to get me.
When I got home I phoned England to tell her mother, the lady who left her with me to care for that she had passed away.
Frick has noticed her absence and has been a little weird sniffing around her stuff something I will have to get rid of by tomorrow.
He toys I will keep even if Frick doesn’t play with them.
He has been glued to my side ever since I came back.
I have been looking at him a lot too he has been with me since he was a kitten and turns 17 on the 20th of this month.

The rest of the day I spent cooking to keep my mind off of her.
I had a lot of work to do because the dishes Archie asked me to make are complicated and time consuming.
I made them with my mother because she knows they best way to make them and I didn’t know how to make one of them so I needed her to teach me.
I love to cook and I love my mothers cooking and have been learning her recipes for the last couple of years.
After getting the pasticcio made and in the oven we started on the spanakopites.
That’s when my brother came with the guy that has been putting in the wiring and they started hooking the wires up to the power box.
My brother is a condescending fucker and talks down to you like he is something special and you are dirt and I don’t take that shit from no one.
He is constantly talking down at the guy working and calling him names in Greek to my parents while he is right there in the room, another thing I don’t like.

When they hooked the wires up the breakers kept popping because there was a short somewhere and they decided it was the fans that I had hung but I know I hung them up properly.
None the less the made me take them down so the guy could look at them.
It took me days to put them up and minutes to take down and in the end they were installed right and proper.
Then the asshole (my brother) wants me to put them all up again.
Yeah I told him where to go and he said the wrong fucken thing to me and he and my parents found out what I think of him.
My mother wasn’t to impressed with my words but I have had it with his attitude and his racist slurs.
I left the fans the way they were and went home.
They found what the problem was and it was something else and not the fans.
After they fixed that they lost power to the rest of the house and a fight broke out between my brother and the guy he hired and the other left leaving my parents in the dark.
Someone else came and found a short in a wall box the power wire was grounding out on the box, something that could be dangerous.

Vickie did manage to get hold of me, I had to answer the phone at some stage besides she was filling my answering machine and was in danger of running out of space.
BTW if you ever have Vickie and Carl visiting, don’t let Carl wash you dishes.
I could hear him dropping them on the floor in the background but gets a star for doing the dishes.

The next day I was up bright and early getting the food ready to be taken over to Archie’s place.
Mike came by at noon and we took off to the party.
The food I made was enough for forty.
Archie had cooked two lamb legs and there was a lamb on the spit at the café to be ready for him by 6 pm.

When we got there, there were about four people there but by 2pm there were ten and that was it.
Archie sat while most of us did the work with Tom washing dishes and glasses most of the night and by bartending skills were put to the test.
Arch had hit the liquor store with Mike the day before and came back with fourteen bottles and there wee six cases of beer not including what the guests were hauling in.
By 4pm there were 2 dead bottles of brandy and two cases of beer gone.
People were walking to the Parliament buildings where a stage was erected for the bands and Canada Day celebrations and people were flooding by us and Archie greeted all of them as they passed.

It was about this time one of the guy’s girlfriends came by with her daughter.
He was pissed and barely sitting in his chair when they got there.
Archie invited them for a drink and they jumped at the opportunity to get free booze.

This is where my morals clash with what is law and what is right or wrong.
Up to this point I was the youngest person there at 48, the guy’s girlfriend was about 36 and her daughter was 17.
I think a kid could have a couple of drinks if a parent is there and watching so when the 17 year old got a beer it was fine by her mother and then she had a brandy which was given to her by her mother.
Soon after that her mother passed her a joint.
I’m just watching all of this.
One of the guy’s was smitten with the daughter and was trying to find ways to pick her up he is in his fifties.

I was mixing chocolate martini’s now and minding my own business when the mother came in to get another beer out of the fridge and leaned up to the counter and started some small talk and wanted me to teach her how to make chocolate martinis.
I think she thought that I teach better if I have my dick rubbed.
Two minutes earlier she was saying how much she loves her boyfriend, YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

Back outside the guy was telling the daughter that he would take her, her mother and the boyfriend to the casino, his treat.
The girl looked at me and asked if I was going and I said no, then she said she didn’t want to go either.
Buddy looked at me and said I should go to but I wasn’t going because one, I was drunk and getting drunker, two; I don’t like the casino.

Her mother was arguing with her daughter in Inuit and the daughter, in English was saying she didn’t want to go.
The mother wanted all the free booze she could get and was willing to compromise her daughter to do it.
I got to give it to the daughter for standing by her decision and I give her credit and a gold star for that, then when I went inside to make some more drinks she came in and asked me where I was going after and if I wanted to go see the fireworks with her.
Gezz, takes back the star.
I told her I was going home to the wife.
Yeah I lied but I can't spank someone else's kid.
That pretty much ended it for them and when she went outside she left with her mother and the mother’s boyfriend.
Buddy wasn’t too happy and frankly, I don’t care.
I wasn’t happy with her mother, a parent should be protecting their kids not using them to get what they want.
I guess there are all kinds in the world.

I helped clean up and walked home where I passed out cold by 7pm.
It’s 5 am now and my head is fine.
I spend a lot of time looking over to the floor where Emme used to sleep all the time but she isn’t there any more.
Frick is next to me, in her computer chair curled up keeping me company.
It’s just me and him once more.

I hope all the Canadians out there had a safe and happy Canada Day
Thank you all again.

Have a nice day



Gypsy said...

Thats what I love about you Walker...even when you are drunk you are still thinking of everyone else. I'm glad you decided to go to the party even though I'm sure your heart wasn't really in it.

Remember what you said to me recently, "Open the windows and let the sunshine in"? You will always miss Emme and thats a fact, but Frick needs you more than ever now because he's lost his girl too.

You are a beautiful man and I am honoured to know you. I hope the sunshine comes through your windows soon. Take care.

patti_cake said...

Walker I am so so so so very sorry to hear about Emme. I know you will be missing her always. She was such a special kitty, the way you wrote about her. I think you need another kitten some point down the road, or i'm betting the right kitten that "needs" you will find you. Hugs my friend.

Blazngfyre said...

You're a wonderful man Walker.
I know too many others who would have taken advantage of such a situation.

Frick needs you, and you need him.
Together, you will get through it.

Thinking of you ....

nachtwache said...

Walker, that's what I found I like about you, you're a good man, decent and have good values!
It's amazing how two such different men grew up with the same parents. It shows that it's better not to spoil children, some tough times build character.
You will have great memories of Emme that will make you smile. I'm glad you still have some feline company, you can comfort each other.
Take care!

Vickie said...

Wait a minute, I did not call that much. I was just persistent---and most people that know me know that about me. I did talk with you and made certain all was fine...I knew how much you loved Emme and how you would be feeling.

Oh and in case everyone wants to know Carl really is a good dishwasher---even if he breaks a dish---I don't have to do them. :)

Glad to see you had a nice time at Archie's place and that you were being protective of the one who needed it---but damn her mom.

Peter said...

Hi Walker, if I went to a hamburger shop and got "one with the lot" and it was as good as this post I'd be a happy man.
You gave us an insight into so many facets of yourself that we all come away knowing and respecting you so much more.
Bloody well written buddy.

poet said...

walker. i am so sorry to read about emme. our hearts are weeping, and our prayers, with you.

Shaz said...

You are an amzing man with a respectful demeanor and I wouldnt trust many people with my kids but you I would. It makes me proud to know you even from a far.
And your brother there is no need for words.
Love to you friend xx

Dotm said...

Just catching up with your last couple posts. I am so sorry about you losing your special Emme after so many loyal years spent with her. Losing a pet we have had for many years does hurt a lot. You were a good owner and Emme had a good life thanks to you. But, that doesn`t help the feeling of loss that is left behind after we lose a beloved pet.

I am surprised your parents don`t put a stop to the way your brother treats other people. I would find it too hard to sit and listen to one of my children dis-respecting others that way, even worse when that person is trying to help them. I`m not like you, I probably would have told my bro that if he wants the fans taken down, he could just do it himself, and could also re-place them himself. I can`t see helping when they find fault with whatever you do. Glad they found where the short was before it started a fire.