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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stumbling Along ©

Here I s a quick post I am writing on the run while the smoke clears so if it looks a little frantic, well it’s probably because the fire extinguisher just ran out.

I will step away from what I have been doing lately to talk a bit about life in general and what I know and have seen, felt or thought about recently.
Life is constantly getting in the way of living but then what would life be if it didn’t interfere with what we are doing?
Just like all of you I walk through life with a limp I got from cracks in the sidewalk of life that my toe gets caught in.
Some limps are more pronounced than others, some unnoticeable but none the less they are there.

I watch people as they pass by my eyes and wonder where are they going, will I see them again or is this the last time.
Do I really care?

Last week when I went to the pub to watch the hockey game and I went at a homeless person who has been begging for money outside of the pub for years.
Everything would have been fine if he hadn’t called me a cheap fucker.
I don’t know what made me let him go but I did with a warning to never see him there again.
I should have smacked him, I wish I did.
I think I'm getting soft in my old age.

His social worker is the person who runs our football pool and he pointed him out to me one day as he was outside begging.
Actually it was funny because the guy didn’t even recognise him as his social worker and asked him for money.
Imagine not recognizing the person who makes sure you have a chance to stay alive and be free.
One of the questions they asked him when he went to welfare was “Do you have another source of income” and he said no.
WTF is begging for money?

Not only is he not homeless but his rent is paid for and gets $500 more to live on, then goes out begging which nets him at least fifty bucks a day.
In essence he makes three times more than I do a month and he calls me a cheap fucker.
He is not alone, I know many people like him who get money and still go out to beg from people on the street.
How many homeless people do you know who make $3500 a month with free rent?

There are people on welfare in this city who struggle to make ends meet so their kids could be fed and clothed, hoping that when they grow up they would never be on welfare like their parent or parents.
I have looked into the tired lost eyes of so many people and you could almost read their thoughts, “Will it always be like this”, “When will it end”, but they never give up, they struggle and plod on as do many low income families who see all their hard earned money go into bills and food so their kids can grow up healthy and become more than they themselves are.
Who knows, maybe even “throw the old man a bone” as a single father I know who goes to HandyMan every morning at 6 am to see if there is a dirty job no one wants to do so he could make some extra money to get his kids something they need, maybe a warm coat for the harsh winter days or an IPOD like their friends have.

Then there are those people who have more than others but keep trying to take other peoples money even when they aren’t entitled to it.
The other day while we were in the kitchen watching them run the wire from the basement for the wall socket to the kitchen, the phone rang.
I answered it and as soon as I said hello the came up through the floor a foot away from the wall ruining the vinyl floor but that isn’t what I was thinking about at that moment.
On the other end of the phone was someone telling me that the SIL’s father had just passed away 30 minutes easier.

As sad as that is, I am happy for him.
He has been suffering for years and that last few have been especially bad with him loosing some parts because the stopped working.
I must say what was happening around him was just as bad and the decease that was slowly eating him away.
Death would be a comfort to him right now.
The sad part is he left this world watching what were the people he loved desperately fighting for his belongings like vultures around a dieing corpse.
Maybe even helping him along a bit.

His first wife, the mother of his kids and the first woman he divorced didn’t waste any time.
The day after he passed away and while the SIL was making arraignments for her father.
She went to his bank and tried to get his money by saying she was his wife.
When they got divorces she got everything and it was large.
He left that marriage with nothing but his clothes and gave her everything.
She makes heaps of money to and has a cottage bigger than most people’s houses yet here she was trying to steal what was going to her daughters for herself.
It doesn’t matter that both her daughters are barely making ends meet, she was going top take it all and she even wanted what property he had.
It didn’t matter that he had been married to someone else after her and she got her end when she divorced him to.
She is determined to get more free money.

I cannot understand greed, never have.
My friends and I made lots of money and we spent it on us and everyone one.
I through some big parties and we ate, drank, partied for days and didn’t give a shit what it cost.
I still do every year when I do my BBQ and this year I have invited the neighbours to
How could someone who has more than the need try to steal from her kids?
There have been skirmishes by the kids to.
One trying to say she should get more because the other one wasn’t really fathered by him but by his brother their uncle but the other one states that she was the one that always took care of him and that her sister only showed up when she needed money.
One of his Exs brought in a lawyer to get him so sign everything over while he was drugged up on painkillers.

It seems greed is slowly taking over more and more how people live at the cost of compassion.
I see it at home as well.
The other day my brother and I went at it and it was over money.
He has taken it upon himself to do extensive renovations in these houses some needed some not but expensive and he is pushing my parents for more money to do work that is not required.
The other day he asked me how much money I had and was going to put in and I told him nothing to which he laughed at me and went off to gloat to my parents.
You see why I don’t really like my brother that much.
When he mentioned it to my parents they promptly told him that while he was sucking his fucken thumb (He still does BTW) I was working from the age of ten until I was 26 to help pay for this house while he was out there having a good time being a greedy materialistic little bastard.
Now he wants to knock down the porch and balcony to build a new one because he wants a new one.
There is nothing wrong with it now that a couple of hundred dollars couldn’t fix but he wants a new modern one with a new floor made with this space age polymer that he thinks is cool.
His version of being cool costs $32,000 and wants my father to give half the money.
It’s not going to happen as far as my father is concerned and that goes double for me.
You see that money is not to throw away on $32,000 porches it’s for when we need it and it was hard earned and saved so he isn’t getting it.

Even though my brother didn’t contribute to the paying of the house and everything else we have, I still support the notion that we split everything 50/50 when my parents are not here any more.
What he does with his house is his business and if he decides to sell I would probably buy him out and rent it.
But for now if he wants a $32,000 balcony then he could pay for it out of his pocket, I’ll enjoy it.
For the record I am the only one that ever goes out there and I think my brother has only been up there no more than ten times for as long as we have owned this house.

Greed doesn’t end right there in my family either.
Today when I wasn’t looking my niece ate my piece of blueberry pie, little shit.
She ate half a pie by herself and showed no remorse when I confronted her with the empty plate.
In fact her blue lips and face denied the dastardly deed.
Hmmmm she is starting to sound like her father.

I hate greedy people, except for the little blueberry pie stealing kind.

For those who asked about my mother, she is having a hard time of the renovations with the dust and her asthma plus its been really hot and they can’t turn the A/C on because of the dust and no power to it.
Hopefully we can get her house done by Sunday and then get it cleaned.

Oh and I will tell you about the murder on Monday, I hear I get a day off tomorrow but who knows.

Have a nice weekend



Angel Without Wings said...

My comments keep disappearing.....not to worry.

I can't remember what I said before except I too detest greed. Death in particular seems to bring out the worst in people. My mum used to work in the hospital and she has seen families actually arguing over who gets what while their "loved one" still lies there. They were supposed to be using the time to say their goodbyes before the hospital moved the patient to the morgue. Shameful!!!

I hope your poor Mum gets better soon.

patti_cake said...

I thought I had already commented on this because I know I read it, but the greed is disgusting and I hope you stick to your guns and don't give in to your brother. He sounds a little bit like my brother who is my parents executor of their estate and thinks he will get it all when their wills are set up to split between all of their five children equally. I will fight him tooth and nail to see it is done fairly if he tries any "funny" business. I'm smarter than he is anyway Ha! (I hope)