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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Surviving SuperBowl Sunday ©


Bad news come in bunches it seems but I stick by the people I read first and formost.
Right now I am linking Gab's site.
Her small granson was admitted to hospital suffering from seizures and has asked for prayers.
This brings back memories when my niece Amanda went through this earlier this year and we were terrified so I know how she feels.
I would rather you go there than read my post and give her some support.


Look I got a new post up.
I have been doing a lot of thinking in the last week, doing a lot of prying and searching for something that has been on my mind for a long time.
The weekend has been a whirlwind of mayhem and surprises.
I have been so busy I haven’t had much time to even eat, in fact if Mike hadn’t ordered pizza the other day, I would have forgotten to eat that day.
I have a story about a vermin I caught that I will be posting about this week that will probably blow some of you away but I have to deal with something before I write it, so look for Harsh Lessons 2 by Friday, Harsh lessons in on my side bar.

Let’s start with Friday.
Friday I mailed out my monthly surprise and it’s a Valentine for one special lady on my blogroll.
So hopefully someone gets a smile in the mail before Feb 14th.


The rest of the day I ran around looking for what I needed for Sunday’s Super-Bowl/poker game
Saturday was about the same until that night when a friend stopped by to leave his beer he so he wouldn’t have to carry it over on Sunday.
You got to watch out for some of my friends because they are shifty fucker.
He put his beer in the fridge and took one to drink.
He sat there for about 3 hours with Mike and me pounding back beer after beer then had a couple of shots of Grand Marnier before he left but as he was walking out the door he decided he would take his beer back to have some at home and get more for tomorrow before he got here.

After he had gone Mike commented on the amount of beer he drank and couldn’t figure out how his little bag could hold so many pints and still look like a full bag when he left.
See those are the questions I love, the ones I know the answer too.
Well Mike it’s like this.
He was drinking your beer when he was here and when he left he took his with him.
Mike gave me a blank stare and then ran off to the fridge to find one lone beer left from the six that were there before.
He came back swearing and said that on Sunday he was going to get even.
That’s why I keep my beer in the back room where no one could see it.
Afterwards I finished running the cable up from the basement to the kitchen where we would be playing poker while watching the game.
At around midnight I took the three legs of lamb and prepared them to be cooked the next day to save me time to do some things the next day I had forgotten along with the next days tasks.
I had to make a couple of trays of spanakopites for the game in the morning and they taste best fresh so I needed to make them and put them in the oven when everyone got here.
After I cleaned my mess in the kitchen I sat for a scotch around 4 am and headed off for bed.
I had until 4:30 the next day to finish the rest.

Super-Bowl Sunday and I was in the kitchen spreading the stuffing for the spanakopites over phylo pastry in a pan.
I managed to make two pans, one for Archie, one for everyone else.
Putting them in the fridge< prepared another lamb dish with potatoes.
By 3pm I had the lamb roasting in the oven and everything ready with an hour and a half to spare to shower and get dressed.
As I was going upstairs the doorbell rang.
It was Archie and the boys, WTF happened to 4:30.
Ten guys walked in loaded down with beer, brandy, and Grand Marnier.
Archie’s go for loaded the fridge and was to serve us all night.
Archie has this guy who is on welfare that Archie pays to do things for him, like get him a beer from the fridge that is next to his chair, lazy fucker.
The guy’s ok, doesn’t bother anyone and he gets to eat and drink all he wants.
He doesn’t play poker so what I do is set up two bar top video games I own and put a couple of hundred credits on each for him to play on while we play poker.
Mike came down and I had him keep the guys company while I took a shower.

As I was drying myself upstairs I could hear the yelling downstairs.
Should I go down stairs or run away came into my head?
I walk down the stairs and the doorbell went off and three more guys walked in including buddy from the other night with two bags of loose beer.
Mike grinned when he saw him walk in.
Seven of us sat to play poker and the others sat around talking and joking while we waited for the game to start.
There was 13 Colt fans and Archie the lone Bears fan.
He felt really lucky so he decided to take on everyone at five bucks each straight up.
We all laughed at him until the opening kick off and the bears ran it back for a touchdown.
Man, if you have never seen the wave done by one person, trust me you don’t want to after seeing Archie do it.
Ok that was fine it was early.
I took the spanakopites out of the oven and let them cool for an hour before I served them to everyone.
Now I got to tell you, Archie could put away some food.
He ate a whole pan by himself and the better part of a leg of lamb and fixing with it to.
I think Mike was shocked when he offered Archie a plate and he refused it but took a fork and stood by the platters and systematically cleaned them out one after the other.
It’s a good thing I held back some for later.

The poker game was going great for yours truly and the money I lost on New Years Eve was in my pile and a second one was now growing next to it.
By the end of the third quarter Archie was mad at the Bears, drunk as a skunk and stuffed like a turkey in the oven
Mike spent most of the night asking buddy for beer and buddy went to the fridge to get him one every time.
Arch didn’t see past the third quarter, he passed out on the couch but the rest of us kept playing cards until 10:30 when most of them were to plastered to see the numbers on the cards.
Buddy was the first to leave but Mike missed his exit because he was in the washroom.
He was disappointed he didn’t get the chance to thank him for the beer.
Archie looked at him and said buddy couldn’t have drunk much because he left with two bags of beer.
Mike stared at Arch and went to the fridge to see that all his new beer was gone and that he and buddy must have been drinking his beer the whole time.
We all laughed at him and teased him for the next half hour while the guys got ready to leave.

When they were all gone I looked at the mess in the kitchen and just said fuck it, tomorrow I will clean it up.
I sat next to Mike, listening to him saying how he couldn’t believe he got taken again and AND smoked him his last joint on top of that.
I felt bad for him but I saw it coming LOL
I reached into my pocket and tossed him a nice fat joint.
He just looked at me and I told him I took it from buddy's cigarette pack before he left.
He thanked me and lit it up and when he was done he went up to bed but wished he had one for the morning, he likes getting stoned before he does his training.

All in all it was a pretty good night and we all had fun, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?
I stayed up for a couple of hours watching TV and thinking before I went up to bed but before I went up the stairs I went into my pocket and took out two joints and left Mike the big one.
What, I never said I only took one joint out of the pack.

Have a nice day

Archie didnt pay us.



Peter said...

You sure host a good poker game Walker, has Archie paid up yet?

Jac said...

He won't.
Consider that on the house, buddy

nachtwache said...

You cook too? It sounds yummy! and a good time
Now I'll look in on those special people that need some prayers

patti_cake said...

I went and posted to Gab. There has been alot of health drama going on in blogland lately. We need a reprieve!