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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Trick Or Treat ©

It’s almost Halloween again and I was sitting here thinking about past Halloweens when I was a kid and as I was growing up.
Things change, as so do people when they get older and habits along with them for most.
I remember as a kid some would dress up in sheets and go door-to-door trick or treating.
There wasn’t that much money to be had back then and a sheet was the easiest costume to come up with.
Cut a couple of holes to see through and the night was filled with pint sized ghosts running around.
Now you also had to remember you just didn’t take the sheet of you bed.
Noooo, you got what your mother deemed expendable.
So it wasn’t uncommon to see plaid, blue, or any colored ghost.
The plaid ones were Scottish ghosts.

As the years went buy Halloween got more and more popular and the economy got a lot better so parents had the extra money to treat the kids and bought them store bought costumes creating a headache for the sheet manufacturing industry.
Stocks crashed, people jumped out of windows to their death because there was no one down there to hold a sheet to catch them.

Back then the kids then used to dress up like some of their TV Heroes.
The little girls were all into Wonder Woman with here red white and blue costume accented with gold and a gold headband with a star well here you can see it for yourselves.


The boys were different.
Even though we liked Wonder Woman (purely for different reason) we like having our shoulders covered while fighting crime.
Boys got into Spiderman.


Tarzan of the concrete jungle, swinging from building to building (Stopping occasionally for a rest and to look into a window “wink”) was the uniform of choice on Halloween night.
What better hero for a little boy.

Now not all kid got dressed up as crime fighting super heroes.
Some opted to dress as their favorite celebrity like this young lad.
He knew how to pick up chicks back then.


I can see him going trick or treating door-to-door gyrating his hips at every house for some extra candy except at Mrs. Franucci’s house, he would get batted around the front yard with the broom because he reminded her too much of her ex husband.

Some kids were to young to go out alone so the ended up going with their parents and most times the neighbor’s kid would tag along and if the neighbors were friends then the parents (Mother’s) would dress them up to match in some way or form.
As seen in the picture below


Now I remember when I was this young and I didn’t want any part of any girl.
That has now obviously changed and I can’t think of any part I don’t want.
BUT THEN, it was another story.

Now I have a question to the ladies out there that were cheerleaders?
Why did you where the cheerleaders uniform all the time again?
It didn’t matter what, when, why, the cheerleaders wore their uniforms more than any other clothes back then.


Sporting events, dances, to the mall, everywhere.
They would go out trick or treating in them.
They could have put on regular clothes and people wouldn’t have recognized them.
Now that would have been a costume.

Then there were the kids that had no costume but had a gimmick instead.
They would arrive on something different like this little lad, cute isn’t he?


Imagine this little fella showing up at your door.
Yeah I bet you gave him a little extra.
Not as much as you did the kid that showed up with the Rottweiler.

As you can see, as kids we all had a little fun growing up.
Now growing up is the operative word here.
What happens to those that well, don’t really grow up?
Well I guess they are still having fun.
Some people take the costumes seriously some times like that little girl who became Wonder Woman.


There is a lot to wonder about here.

Fighting crime is a full time job but you really don't make much money doing it and costumes are to expensive to order all the time and with the weight fluctuations it’s cheaper and easier for some to just paint their bodies.


I wonder if the Jackass crew needs a new super hero member for their next movie?

Then there are the ones that took the Halloween idols to Vegas and made a living in the image of the hero.


Hmmm yeah think?
Na it couldn’t be, but maybe.

Remember the neighbors?
Well they dressed their kid for Halloween for years and in the end the little boy grew up and the little girl grew boobs and the little boy woke up and they eventually got married.
But with all the years of going out for Halloween together had conditioned them and they were inseparable for Halloween every year.


Now tell me, how many of you would be pushing that back in, raise your hand?

Sixty years later and yes, the cheerleaders are still wearing their uniforms.
There is no way on earth that anyone is going to change that.
This was the best time of their lives and will live in that dream forever.


Hmmmm………..So this is where Hooters waitresses go when they retire.

And lets not forget those people who always found a gimmick to get people attention.
Well some grow up and fall in love.
That’s just a fact of life I guess.


This only goes to prove that some people will fuck anything when they are drunk.

Have a nice day



gab said...

I wonder how he can walk around with his pants down? I have see most of the last potos before but when put like this cooooooolllll!LOL. Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Gab: I bet he found that out after a couple of beer and had to go to the washroom in a hurry.
Thanks for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

I love this trick ot treat day! I used to sit outside just to see the children wearing these funny and beautiful customes...
Now, I dress up and enjoy the party too.


tammi said...

What a grrrreat post.Took me back a few years.Especially when you asked why did some of us dress up like cheerleaders? As for me,I used every excuse I could to wear mine,just cuz I knew it turned the guys' heads.So sue
Yup,I was a baaaad girl when I wanted to be.
That last pic is hilarious.But being from deep East Texas,I can see the humor in it.I heard alot of boys in school did that.Some just never admitted it!
T. got called a friggin "plonker" today for screwing up w/ Haloscan(and losing my comments)
Imagine that! What a way to start the day. :-}

Miss Cellania said...

Clever idea to contrast the kids costumes with what they ended up as as adults. I should've seen it coming, but I didn't!

hellbunny said...

Those are funny pics i must say

Walker said...

tammi : But I bet you looked good in the cheerleaders outfit and still do :)

Walker said...

Miss Cellania : I have actually seen people who still live like that. I guess its your life and you can do what you want to but I thought to havew a little fun with it.

Walker said...

hellbunny : Yes they are. :)