blue moon (2)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Check Out or Check It Out ? ©

I was in line first.

You had left and gone somewhere

I left my cart in line to keep my spot

So what, you think your cart can keep us all standing around while you run back and forth filling it up?

You still had no business moving my cart and by the way, the sign says 8 items and you have ten in your cart.

What, you are checking on what I am shopping?
At least I know what I came for.

Fuck you……. you ….. you…….bitch.

No, fuck you.






Both flop on the floor and start rolling around pulling hair and biting each other.

Hey ma let’s go to another cashier.

That was the scene at the SUPERSTORE today.
It was more like Super Wrestlmania.
Two 65 year old ladies having a cat fight and rolling around on the floor with 2 bag boys jumping around trying to figure out how to grab them.

Must be the Holiday shopping season.

3 days 12 hour 50 minutes as of this moment before I leave the house to go to New Zealand.
Shopping is done and cleaning has begun.
I am stuck with my father feeding my cats and I am not happy about this.
I am worried about Emme.
She is so gentle and she is old.
She spends 23 hours of her day laying next to me or sleeping with a pai of my underwear in the closet.
I hope all goes well while I am gone.

The Journal is GONE.
It was mailed early this morning and is off to another country and to a new blogger.
I sent it to the third person who sent me an email on Wednesday
I wrote a little bit in it and mailed it to ItisI.
It’s all yours now, ItisI.

Have a nice day

Oh this is not today’s post

That will be here at Midnight


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