blue moon (2)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

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Well with the cooking all done, I went in and with some help, we brought all the food outside for everyone to dig in.
I remember hearing the complaints that there was too much food. The rule as far as food is concerned in our house, is that it’s better to have too much than not enough. Mind you the ones that were saying it was too much, were the non Greeks, who were not used to the banquets that we throw. Also they were the ones that ate the most. I did cook for 60, and there were 20, so that was about right.
As we sat there eating I looked at the people around me and noticed that not one of my relatives had a Greek partner. This made me smile inside.
This meant that we were making our own roads, and choosing what we wanted. I believe people make family and not religion or ethnic purity.
It was understood that Greeks marry Greeks, because it was the best way. This way everyone had something in common and understood each others language and customs. For me this meant, that the parents didn’t want to change, and to keep things their way for them.
Arranged marriages were common and still are.
My parents had arranged for me to get married once. I knew the girl and said I had a girl friend so I didn't want to marry this woman. My parents pointed out that my GF wasn't Greek and was wrong.
My uncle was giving me a ticket to Hawaii for 2 weeks all expenses paid to leave my girl friend at the time. He said go fuck until your brain goes numb and come back and start a family, I still said no. Walker is not bribable, well almost, Sara can bribe me anytime.
My parents went behind my back and talked with the girl's parents, they all wanted this, but me, for different reasons.
First off Love has nothing to do in these things, it is expected love will come. HA!!!! They didn’t know me.
My parents wanted this to happen because there was a lot of money involved, the brides family wanted this to happen because they liked me and lets face it, she was Hmmmm how do I say this without sounding mean…….. OK she was 6 ft tall 100 pounds heavier than me, she had bigger feet than me and I wear a size13. She needed a shave more than I did, and I won’t even talk about her teeth. Now, for the record I’m speaking from her parent’s perspective.
I had a girlfriend and was in love that’s my story and am sticking to it.
So her parents broke it off and my parents were pissed at me.
She got married a year later to this guy. The wedding cost $100,000 and the father gave them a house and a car and opened a business for the son in law.
I bumped into them a few years ago at a festival and saw her chewing him out, and I don’t mean his cock in her mouth, I mean yelling at him like he was 10 miles away and not next to her.
When I talked to him later alone and asked about the family, he told me they had 4 kids and he paused for a second and I swear I could see his eyes starting to puff up getting ready to start bawling.
To avoid any embarrassment, I told him I had to go. Poor bastard.
This caused a problem in the family, because if I could say no, then the others could also and wanted to choose who they wanted to be with. See I was always a shit disturber
One of my cousins at the Bbq was married that way and went through a lot of abuse, until she got divorced and then was happy. She had 2 kids with him though.
She is now with a guy who is very nice and they are happy and her Ex is with someone who he is happy with and his new wife is Italian.
They are good friends today and it has nothing to do with the kids because the kids are grown and gone now. She told me they figured out that it was because they were thrust together that caused all their problems and because it wasn’t their choice to marry each other.
All the couples there that night, were happy and kissing.
We talked about the past and came to a part that was dark and weird.
My cousin’s EX husband, who is now married to the Italian lady. She was married to the man that murdered my other cousin’s husband.
Are you getting confused yet?
They were in different mobs and they locked horns one day. One was nuts and had shot a couple of people. He told him that if he didn’t stop what he was doing, then he would kill his family and stomp his new baby to death.
The guy said nothing, he got up and just left.
My cousin’s husband just sat there laughing about the way the other one left, and how scared he was.
All of a sudden the other one was back. He walked into the café, and without breaking stride, he walked straight to the other one, smacked him on the head, knocking him down. He bent over and grabbed him by his long hair and shoved the pistol into his eye and blew the back of his head off. Then sat there and waited for the police.
I personally don’t blame him for shooting him. He would have carried out the threat I think. He shot my uncle in the leg once.
He got 20 years and within that period, his wife met my cousin’s ex’s husband. She got divorced and married him.
He has gotten out of jail now and was deported, but thanked my cousin’s ex for raising his son and they parted on good terms. The boy stayed here, if you were wondering.
Did I ever say how boring my family was? I didn’t, did I?
After that conversation my cousin changed the direction to a funnier time when I was forced to take accordion lessons so that I could entertain the family at gatherings, but this is my blog and that’s all I’m going to give you on that nightmare in my life. There is no reason for you to know how I had to drag that fucken thing in the back of a little red wagon, because it was bigger than me.
Well we finished eating and the non Greeks were surprised to see most of the food gone and they had eaten most of it. LOL
Some of the girls had gone to use my washroom and noticed how clean the house was. They asked me if I had a girlffriend who came in to clean up. I said yes to the girl friend but she lives in New Zealand and she didn't come and clean. They went out to there partners and told them how clean I kept the place and why couldn't they do the same. Ok I got some dirty looks.
Ha Ha Ha.
They all helped me clean off the tables which took 5 minutes and I brought the leftovers to my parents place, but we had to be quiet because they were all passed out, after eating. We went out and I dragged the cooler closer, so we wouldn’t have to walk far for a beer.
Then we started……….

So tomorrow will be the last installment and for music, all you guys and gals roll up the shirts because it will be belly dancing music, so you can gyrate infront of you speakers. and yell OPA!!!!!!!!


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