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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Dance Dance Dance ©

I can see me going to hell for this post for sure.
This happened to me when I was in my 20’s. I had gone out on a Friday night dancing at a local club and was having quite the blast. The girls were hot and the music was loud. The bass was pounding so loud it was rattling my spine.
The bartender was a freak of nature and knew how to have a great time, he would jump on the bar top dancing and juggling bottles and glasses, and he dropped many.
This was the early eighties and Disco was in the clubs. The Saturday Night Fever movie had everyone in polyester and funky shirts and hats. Yeah, Yeah me too. (But no pix exist ha ha ha)
I was at the bar ordering a drink when the bartender jumped up to do his crazy act. We were cheering him on and that’s where I met this woman.
She was there having a good time like the rest of us and clapping to the antics of the bartender. We struck up a conversation and I asked her to dance, to which she agreed.
We were on the dance floor for an hour having a grand time. We came off and sat down in a corner chair to talk for awhile. She had a French accent and a soft voice for a place with loud music.
She didn’t drink much and I asked her if she wanted to take off for a coffee or something to eat.
Now this was during a period when I had just separated from my girlfriend. It may have been that same week if I’m right.
We went to a restaurant called Fullers and sat there for a couple of hours talking. She told me she taught French class. She looked at her watch and said she had to get going.
I offered to give her a ride anywhere she wanted and she accepted.
When we got to where she was going we somehow got to kissing. It was getting hot and heavy, I had my hands up her shirt and she was tugging me closer. I thought we were going to get it going right there, but she pulled back and said she had to leave. She took my phone number and left.
So my hard on and I went off to meet the guys at the local restaurant where we met every Friday after partying.
I didn’t hear from her for 2 weeks and almost forgot about her, until I got a phone call .
She told me that she had been thinking about me everyday from that night and it was causing her problems.
I couldn’t understand why, because she had told me she had no boyfriend or husband.
I offered to meet her for coffee and even though she hesitated she agreed to meet me the next day.
I got to the place ahead of time, as I always do. I hate being late so I get there early. I sat there waiting and she had not shown up yet and it was 15 minutes late. As I was sitting there a nun walked up to me and said hello. I looked up at her and said hello sister. She stood there staring at me and smiling.
It took me a few seconds to click in.
It was her.
I was shocked and speechless.
She sat down and we started talking. Well she did, I was wishing for a stiff drink.
She told me she was sent to the convent as a small girl and had been there most of her life. Her family was poor and the only way they could be sure that she would be taken care of would be to be sent to become a Nun. She had learned to be a teacher and was happy in her vocation until that night with me.
It was the first time someone kissed her like that and she enjoyed it.
I was squirming in my chair, for some reason it felt wrong.
She said to me that she had feelings for me but that she wasn’t going to leave the convent.
I told her I didn’t want her to and that if I knew she was a nun I wouldn’t have gotten fresh with her. I apologized for my action.
She told me I had nothing to apologize for and that for the first time ever she felt like a woman. We had some coffee and I drove her to the convent. We shook hands and we parted ways.
Every now and then I would get a phone call from her and we'd talked.
One day she left the convent for good, she said she needed to be a woman now and got married.
I know she had 2 kids from what she told me years ago but I haven’t spoken to her in ten years. She told me after she got married, that she still remembers my kissing her and will never forget it.
I remember the very beautiful woman I met at Disco Viva with a warm smile and the soft voice.

Sorry Schotzy, I only have a convent story nothing at a monestary.Maybe there is one in New Zealand, I'll ask.



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