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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Getting It On :The Radio ©

Have you ever won a contest on the radio? I won my first one 3 months ago.
I was sitting at the computer playing in a backgammon tournament and listening to music on the radio, when the announcer comes on and introduces a new contest.
Here is what he wants. Tell us by email or by phone, where is the strangest place you have had sex.
Hmmmm considering the age I started having sex and the amount of times I have had it , every place I had sex in was strange. Let’s see. Ah yes this one should do.
So I resign from the tournament and type out an email. It went like this.
When I first started dating the mother of my children we were 15-17 and sexually active, but we had no place to go and get it on. So any place discrete would have to do. We were walking along the river one summer evening when we both got the erg to have sex, but where. As we were walking along the shore I noticed these big large cement sewer pipes that they were installing .They were about 5 feet high. I said lets do it in this one it’s facing the river and no one will see us from the sides. She didn't need any convincing she was crawling into the pipe. I threw her my jacket to use as a blanket to lie down on and she removed her panties and waited for me. I unbuckled my pants and crawled in on top of her.
I slide into her and she had raised her legs up and was using the sides of the pipe for leverage and we were going wild in the pipe and the echo it created only made us hornier. As we were getting more intense and I was about to come I noticed the waves were getting louder. She noticed it to and looked over my shoulder and said OMG. I stopped what I was doing and looked behind me. Out there on the river not more than 20 yards away was a tour boat with a hundred people or so all tourists I presume taking pictures of me screwing the girl friend. Some were even waving. Ah fuck me I thought. What now said the GF? I waved back at the people, turned around and slipped back into the GF. Fuck it I thought I had started and I’m not one to leave a job half done, besides how many people will recognize my ass. I could see the next travel guide with my butt on the front. Come to Ottawa and have a kick ass time.
Well I sent in my story to the radio station and I won the contest, the prize was a Showgirls box set.
I have had sex:
In the back seat of a car
Standing in the ladies washroom
In a bed
On a couch
On a kitchen table (actually I was eating breakfast) if you get my drift
On the floor
On a boat
In the movie theater during a movie
In a public park in the afternoon
On the hood of a car
On a pool table
On my desk
Standing in an alley against the wall
In a cemetery but that was freaky
Now I have my own place and a king size bed so no need to look for any good hiding spots, but you know what? I wouldn’t mind taking the Sara out to the back seat of the car one day even if its in the lane way.
But I still love breakfast.

What’s the strangest place you’ve done the deed in?


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