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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year ©

Well, it looks like another year has poured away into the annals of time.
Was it a special year?
Not particularly.
They are all starting to look the same one after other.
There is always war.
Always money problems.
Prices go up as does the cost of government.
We are still blamers instead of solvers in fact even more so now.

Of course the Americans are to blame for everything still and terrorists are the voice of Muslims just as Oral Roberts spoke to god and had his credit extended.

Bin Laden finally got laid by an American and the Teflon dictator Gaddafi has finally shut the fuck, up.

North Korea lost their “Dear Leader” .
We saw the throngs of people lining the street waling when they heard their yearly income of $4.99 was being cut in half for the next fifty years to pay for the “Dear Leader's” funeral.

Steve Jobs passed away this year.
Brilliant man.
Real cock sucker I hear.

There was a nuclear meltdown in Japan causing sushi prices to soar higher than the big mac.
Coke offered to replace all the heavy water with Sprite.

The Middle East found freedom through revolution and Egypt found a pyramid of shit when the smoke cleared.

We hit 7 billion people none of which I can get blamed for.

Elizabeth Taylor left us as elegantly as she lived

Floods, famine and Charlie Sheen ravaged the world just as the survivors of disaster gave us hope.

The last shuttle took off
Did it come back?

The war in Iraq is over.
For now

The war in Afghanistan, well, it’s not really a war.
More like a pain in the ass.
That’s still going on
For now

Greece is still begging for free money
Spain has finally gone to the bulls or are they just full of bull?

Jesus, Allah, Buddha and God were playing 5 card stud.
Jesus looked at his hand and went all in.
Allah scratched his head for a bit then shoved his stack of chips into the fray.
Buddha picked little grains of rice out of his bowl shuttling each one to his mouth as he pondered the possibilities before he to called himself in.

God without any thought opened up his cards showing a pair of deuces then reached over and pulled all the chips to his side of the table.
The three wise men rose in protest.
Jesus showed a straight beating God’s deuces.
Allah laughed at both of them as he exposed a full house.
All Buddha had was two pair.
Tens, and tens but he was sure he beat someone.

God just looked at them and said, ”How many times have I told you, God helps those who helps themselves, so piss off, I’m God”.
You get to keep what you give yourself out of life.

And finally, Andy Rooney had his last say this year.
I will miss his commentaries as he spoke with a voice we understood

Tonight I won’t be where I want to be this New Years Eve but I will have a couple of friends here helping me kill a bottle of expensive scotch.
I hope 2011 was kind to all of you out there and that 2012 brings your dreams and wishes to life.

Happy New Year




Boxer said...

Great post, Walker. Good collection of the things that happened that shaped our year.

I'm sorry you're not where you want to be, but I hope that bottle of scotch treats you well.

I hope 2012 brings you more of everything that makes you happy and less of the bad stuff. But I agree, the years are beginning to all seem like the same. I was just glad no one died this year. *whew*

poet said...

Happy New Year Walker from both of us. May 2012 be the best yet~

BlazngScarlet said...

Happy New Year Walker!
I wish you much of what you love and less of what makes you nuts! =)
Enjoy your scotch!

Dotm said...

Hi Walker. Long time since have been here, but often think of you and wonder how you and your parents are doing. Every Anniversary (Dec. 23rd)I am reminded of the thoughtful gesture you sent to me a few years ago with that box of Chocolates to replace those Walt would have given me. You will never know how much it helped that year. This would have been our 60th year if he had lived. You sure hit most of the things going on last year in your write-up. One messed up year all over the world. Wishing you , my friend, a wonderful New year where all your dreams come true. Haven`t been posting lately, but hoping things calm down soon so I can get started again. Most of the blog friends are now in facebook. This is Dot from Dot`s Thoughts.

Peter said...

Have a good year in 2012 Walker.

Anonymous said...

I see you are still keeping things light here, eh? *laughing*
big ole hug and kiss to you