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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nuke Em !!!! ©

What do you all think of all the shit happening in the Gaza strip?
I have read a number of posts on various blogs with varying views.
Those of you who have been reading my drivel for a few years now may recall my views on the conflict in the Middle East as something like.
Nuke the mothers.
Every last one of them.
I don’t give a fuck which prophet’s ass they lick.
Just bomb them actually bomb them twice so we can make sure.
Then send in a crew with dust busters and collect that fucken garbage and eject it into the sun to roast for eternity.

And then in oh, maybe……….a thousand years and olive tree might grow on the putrid piece of shit dirt called The Middle East.
Holy Land my fucken ass.
It’s fucken Holy alright because it’s full of holes for the bodies who are not whole anymore because some rocket, bomb or what ever device they invented to blindly kill mame or exterminate people with today.

In some ways, I envy bombs.
They know what they were born for.
They have the same religion.
They don’t care what color you are
If you have a cunt or a cock
It doesn’t care if you are 101 or if you were……..
Can you imagine at the moment a baby comes in this world
That very second it slips out from between its mother’s legs and BAM
A bomb with no prejudice whatsoever.
Snuffs it out.
Only a bomb can be that cold or maybe one other, with a cold hand.

Wouldn’t you like to be a bomb?
You wouldn’t have to feel bad about all the killing because this is what you do.
You didn’t want to do it.
You would have been happy flying around close to the stars forever but some cocksucker went and let you fall out of your cradle.

For thousands of years, ignorance has fueled the fires of the Middle East leaving MILLIONS of people dead.
Thousands of years down the fucken road the world have become more enlightened of the things of the world.
We looked and reached out to other cultures and integrated them into our lives.

How many of you out there eat Chinese food?
Now how many of you are Chinese?
Look at what you eat and say and count how many are not what your ethnicity is.
If the whole world but the Middle East can be that way then what’s the problem here?
They can’t be that ignorant any more.
Fuck these people are putting together weapons of mass destruction in a swirling sandstorm when back when they first made the atomic bomb it was in a seal sterilized city, they must have intelligence.

Maybe the Holy Land has no soul.
Maybe that’s it.
Maybe that’s why it’s all becoming all sand over there.
It’s the world’s hourglass.
That could be the sign from, could it possibly be……..God.

Hold on let me think for a second.
You know, it all makes sense now.
I don’t know why I didn’t see this before.
Oh yeah, I was to busy focusing on the dead children.
Sorry, my bad.

Now this revelation reinforces my whole fucken theory.
The Middle East is one big hourglass and as they fight over there they are creating more and more sand and dust until one day in who knows 200 years there will only be a mountain of sand in that place called the Middle East Desert.
Now if I take this into consideration I could interpret this as a sign from God to save the world 200 years of suffering by


The biggest joke in these situations is the UN.
United Nations, should be Useless Ninnies

We have trouble with the Taliban in Afghanistan.
We send troops.
There is trouble is a number of African countries and we send troops.
Iraq invades Kuwait, we send in troops.

Now correct me if I am wrong but didn’t all these countries sign in on this to help stop tyranny?
There you have it then.
I think Israeli UN peacekeepers should charge in and battle back the invading Israeli army and while they are busy holding them back maybe an Egyptian or wait; an Iranian force can strike those rocket launcher in the Gaza.
I bet they can do a better job of finding them.

Hypocrites, all of them and us too.
We allowed ourselves to be dragged in this shit.
The Middle East is our real life weapons testing ground for whatever company makes them.

Just think of it.
In ten minutes it could be all over.

All you have to do is say Nuke Em and if you believe in God then pray.
Don’t pray for him to forgive you because he never will.
Pray that some day he will forgive your grandchildren for your sin.

Does anyone know how all this started.
I always though it was because someone fucked someone else's goat.
Moses led all these people out of the desert and parted the Red sea for them to cross.
They had great acid back then.
If there were a God he would have sent a fly to buzz Moses’ nose and while he flapped his hands around the river would have come down and drowned them all and the Middle East could have become The Sahara Disney Land Resort.

Say it.

Nuke em

No more killing
Your kids can go to school and not worry about terrorists from there any more.
Come on, say it

Nuke em


Say it

NUKE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

Kill, every last mother fucken son and daughter of them.

It will finally be over once and for all.
Until it happens somewhere else that is.
Like, Pakistan and India.

Where are we going and what are we doing?
The only reason all this is happening is because we are allowing it.
Our governments support one side or the other and sometimes both over a period of decades.
What are we doing?
Why are we making these people prolong a war and their destiny?
If there were ever people who were meant to kill each other it’s the people of the Middle East.
They are taught to hate from the moment they are born.
It doesn’t even have to be done by the parents.
The bombs they don’t care, they’ll teach you how to hate when they erase your family.
Hell, they’ll even strap one on and go for a fucken ride to virgin heaven.

Maybe if they were to be left alone they would find a way or kill one or the other, with luck each other once and for all.
If we can’t stand by and watch then maybe we should send a couple of battle cruisers up the Mediterranean then pound both offensive and defensive positions and let them see some real fucken power.

Tell me, when is enough?
How much are you willing to take?
For how long will you allow these people to disrupt your life?
Threaten your children or kill them for something you know nothing about.

We want to be humanitarians but we are all talk and no actions.
We are to scared because the aggressors are our allies sometimes.
Does that make a difference?
If your neighbor murdered a kid would we defend him?

If we Nuke Em we become no better than them but the astronauts on the space station could have one hell of a BBQ.

I think this is where we have to decide either to send in forces and end this by force or join forces and cut off all ties to countries of this region for at least………200 years.
No travel out to anywhere outside of their little graveyard and if they try to press the matter with us;

Nuke Em, I’ll sleep well.
At least we can say we tried and not sat back.

Have a nice day



Leah said...

Well, I lived there and found that everyday folks there get along. We in other parts of the world only see the madness, not the everyday stuff, like people going shopping, going to school, going to University, going to church and synagogue, praying at the Wall and at the Dome of the Rock right next door, just doing their thing. I heard more gunfire in Brooklyn as a child than I did in Jerusalem. So if the everyday folks could take over, rather than zealots on both sides, they might just make it.

I said my piece here. But I enjoyed your rant as well.

Walker said...

Leah: I think it's time all us sheep banded together and cleaned house around the world.
It's obvious that the victims/sheep are just dead posters to fuel this.

8 billion people in the world and less than a thousand kill millions of us and for what, their entertainment I think.

Anonymous said...

Let's do China next. Stop the intentional poisoning of our children . Then close our borders and see how long we can last .

Not a regular blogger,but ready to set up an adress . I'll be commenting when I get set up .

Just telling it like it is said...

Way to keep it real Walker..
I think they all need to hold hands and sing com bi-ya My Lord..
There will never be peace until there they become humble and crucify their flesh (metaphorically speaking only I mean about Crucifying the Flesh)

Walker said...

Anonymous: If we started it would never end.
We have to choke them where i hurts the most.
Their pockets.
We have to force companies who sell in our contries to take back just as much goods as we don.
Jobs are lost here because of cheap labor elseware.
I think if a company who sells a product in this country should contribute to the employment of some of those who pay out money to buy their crap.
Bombs are a final solution and its not even a solution but global suicide.

From the first maan who took a breath on this Earth he has been trying to take total control of the planet.
Look through history and see how many wars have been fought.
In the end the world will be governed by one goudy for all.
I just hope there is someone or something to govern

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: I think they should take the families of all the soldiers from both saides and let them hold the hands of all the dead children and make them hold their hands and they can sing if their throats let them.

It takes years of planning to start a war or conflict.
Everyone is always on the offensive rather than a defensive.
I haven't heard a Palestinian say what can we do to make Isaelis feel better but I hear Irans asshole say they won't stop until Israel is erased from the Earth.
And Israel , what a bunch of fucken clowns they are.
They use the excuse of attacking targets by saying it's in retaliation for rockets fired at them and that's true.
They are being fired on with deadly force but they can't hit the side of a fucken mountain 5% or the time but the Israelis can use advanced technology to kill hundreds if not thousands.
This isn't eye for an eye any more.
This is murder.
Cold, calculated murder and the UN is allowing.

If my priminister was to call me today and ask if we should go and help stop the advance i would support it and the use of deadly force.
Why wouldn't i want to dtop the murder of innocent people.

WE should build a big field somewhere where these people can go play kill each other away from innocent civilians.
It's the people who suffer while the leaders hide behind concrete bunkers

Megan said...

You sound like my dad.

Walker said...

Megan :I'm just tired of the BS.
I tired of watching peacekeepers being killed in Afganastan.
I'm tired of the picutrs of dead kids.
I'm tired of all the lies and fibnger pointing.
I'm tired of all the excuses.

I am waiting for the day when the people, the regular people of the Middle East and walk out into the desert to meet up with each other.
Jew, Muslim, and Christian and shed tears of pain togehter then if there are enough tears they can take that river of sorrow and send it back and drown the bastards who worship war and suffering in the name of God or what ever.

Puss-in-Boots said...

You've got the guts to put into words what a lot of us are thinking, Walker. What gets me is the slaughter of innocent children and who really cares?

Aagh, don't get me started...once I get on my soapbox, it's hard to get me down.

Peter said...

hey Walker, I agree with what you're saying about the Middle East BUT, NUKE 'EM ALL sounds just a tad extreme!!!

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: Its watching the news that gets me this fired up and the struggle for the simple things needed to survive by most of these people on both sides of the line.
Its innocent people not just children.
Think of the old people who have known nothing but fear all their lives
Their dreams of someday finding peace and never actually seeing it in their lifetime.

Walker said...

Peter: Arn't we dealing with extremists?
If they had a bomb that would only kill extremists I'd ride it down like Slim Pickens, laughing all the way to hell with them but they don't and i don't get to laugh all the way to hell but instead cry at the wasted life and carnage here on Earth.

Fire Byrd said...

Wow that's some passionate post walker, and it made sense even if just a bit extreme!
your right though, we can't just let the world keep killing itself especially for religious reasons. Where is the peace and harmony that all religions preach in that.

Walker said...

Fire Byrd: This is what they understand.
This is what makes us different.
We know compassion, they don't.
If we talk to them the yawn and nod.
Shoot the fucker in the head and lets see if the next one yawns when you talk.
We have learned to accept people for who they are but they haven't.
What they have done is slowly making us think as they do and maybe that's what we need.

Over the centuries we have let tyrants get so big we have had to joing forces to stop them of suffer the concequendes so why wait.
Why wait until they get so big we have to sacrifice most of our young to deal with then then when we can just put them down now.

And I don;t mean just one side.
Both of them.
I see what's happening.
Hamas poking Israel until they retaliate so that they can push innocent people in the line of fire so they can scream FOUL.
I'm not stupid and the Israelis are slaughtering people and calling them combatants.
Yeah I saw the 4 year old killer they passified with a missle to the chest.
The only way to deal with mad dogs is to put them down

Nan said...

I've thought this many times myself.

Walker said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy, you're back, I hope there are pictures of baby rhubarb I'm coming right over :)

Scarlet said...

I say turn that desert into the finest piece of glass the world has ever seen!

Just telling it like it is said...

Ohhh walker I have been there to see children die(no matter how hard I fought to keep them alive) in my hands and I could never get used to it NEVER..
I think you are right...

Walker said...

Scarlet: Now that would be a pretty sight instead of the bits and pieces of mangled fless and bloody metal

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is : No one shuld ever get used to watching a child die before its time.
Only a heartless people could purposely extinguish the light in a childs eyes.
Sadly they world is full of them and when they are caught they say it was the will of god.

Don't we put people who say god told them to do it in a nuthouse?

Monogram Queen said...

It makes me sad when I see the injured children :(

Teresa said...

I just struggle so much with people who do this in the name of some holy power--the Koran doesn't teach this--it is just plain psycho's who are terrorizing the rest of us and I just do believe that it will ever change.

I have been in the US Army and I have lost friends to this war and I just don't know what the best thing to do is. But, I like you, are tired of it all.

Teresa said...

I meant to type I do not believe it will change.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: Its the children that kills me to

Walker said...

Teresa : Its to much to watch all the time and absorb.
i hate seeing peacekeepers pay the price for senseless bs that these people dream up and do