blue moon (2)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shoed ©

What the hell happened?
Where…..where did everything go?
He said this was going to be easy.
I didn’t do anything wrong I don’t think.
I guess I got to start again.


My name is Gofor Comehere

I’m here today in Walker’s place because he is to busy running around for other people and has no time to do what he does, does anyone know what he does?
Anyway he said it was ok if I was to write a little something here for him.

So………. what am I supposed to do?

He said it was easy to just write about my day.
Well, I don’t really do much I guess, when I am not busy that is, which is usually all the time.
I do watch a lot of TV though.


Did you guys see that shit on TV where some dude with smelly feet threw his shoes at President George Little Bush?
At first I thought it was some kind of Iraqi thing you know like in the 60’s when women used to throw their panties at Tom Jones but I soon found out that’s not why he threw his shoes at Bush instead.
Yeah, an aid for Little Bush was heard to say later that the President finally felt vindicated that they finally found chemical weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Seriously though, I found that was RUDE.
What was that poor man standing next to him thinking?
Probably, “That fucken Bush is stealing the headlines again”.

I watched the attempted assassination on CNN.
They even had it in slow motion actually they didn’t but that’s how hard the suspected reporter threw the shoes.
They say he was a starving reporter and didn’t have the strength to whip it any harder but you got to give him an A+ for aim because the guy was on the mark and if it wasn’t for Georgie’s swift blink of an eye Mutant Ninja Turtle moves he would have got it between the eyes for sure.
Not only one shoe but two shoes he dodged.
All those years of practicing against an assassination attempt finally paid off.

While I was listening to the story I noticed the ticker at the bottom of the scream just in time to see that a man in Iraq was convicted of throwing acid in a woman’s eyes.
Their mating rituals are really fucked up there aren’t they?
If the guy is really ugly he throws acid in the woman’s eyes so she doesn’t look at him and go blind but if she’s blind already it’s not his fault.
The court is expected to hand down a sentence of having acid thrown in his eyes.
Sort of an eye for and eye thing they have over there.
I wonder is she gets to do it?
Personally I think she should be aloud to choose where she throws the acid.
Pour it on his pecker and let him spend the rest of his life looking at it because no one else will want to that’s for sure.

Now taking this case into consideration and what transpired during the Bush shoeing I am predicting that the reporter, after being convicted and trust me, 4 billion people by now saw him do it, so he is guilty, I predict that after he is convicted that he will be promptly taken out back of the court building and shoed to death.
The only problem they will have is that most people there wear sandals so it might take awhile to actually kill him from ten paces.
Unless they borrow this sandal from its manufacturer Lahore Pakistan and drop in on him from a helicopter before they ship them off to Shaquille O’Neal.

Has anyone noticed when you are illegally downloading wholesome movies from the Internet that the speed in which you are downloading is three times slower than the download speed from your computer?
I mean I figure if I am downloading at 30kb per second that everyone whom I’m sharing with should not exceed that in total.

I’m sitting here downloading “Pop eyed in Olive Oil” but when I look at the meter its 150kb for them and 30 for me.
What’s up with that?
I mean I’m all for sharing but someone’s being a piggy here.
The worse part is I get 60 gigs up plus down a month and these guys are using up more than I am.
I mean if I download 10 gigs and they get 20 then that’s 30 out of my monthly allotment of 60 gigs.

I used to go to the bar because they had theirs open and I could flip the tablet open and download all I wanted but after the first week I was in the hole $2000.
$500 that I spent on beer and $1500 when I dropped my tablet while walking home drunk so now I just watch how much I download.

You can mess with people who are downloading from your too.
I have a lot of rare recording so I get hit a lot like this one time this guy was downloading a Stones single I have on computer.
I could check and see how many people are downloading and from how many he is so when I notice that I am the only one with the song I sit back until he gets to 90% down and I shut it off
Wait ten minutes then put that folder as unshared and put the song he was downloading in a folder of its own and make it shared then reconnect and wait.
It doesn’t take long.
A minute maybe two but he latches on to it to get his last 10% and starts downloading.
Then you shut it off when he is about 91%, go to the washroom; maybe cook dinner.
When that is done start up again and let him get it 1% at a time.

Man, TV is boring.
Even the porn channels are pathetically boring.
I mean after the first 300 blowjobs, slobbering pussy chewing and endless fucking you’d thing that someone might actually put a story line in.
All the guys have cocks down to their ankles and the woman have boobs that are so big you wonder why they haven’t flown away yet.
Every time I go out looking for a broad with big tits all I find are cardboard facsimiles.
I figure they’re either someplace making porn movies or at Walker’s house or maybe I spend too much time at the video store.

I don’t know how much I am supposed to write down here, is there a specific length?
Maybe that’s what happened to the other stuff I lost?
Ok let’s try again
Who am I talking too?
I think I’m going nuts, like he is.

Write a post he said and he’ll pay for dinner.
Last time he took me to this Chinese place for something called dim din or sum dim I think but it was something like that.
There are people walking around pushing trays and showing you different food and it was because I had never seen any of it before so I let Walker do all the ordering, that was a mistake, he picked all weird food with even weirder names.

There was this one that looked like deep-fried jumbo spiders.
He said they were squids.
Last time I had squids they looked round like onion rings with that red seafood sauce.
He said these were the heads.
Oh yeah that made me feel better knowing I was eating deep fried squid heads that looked like deep fried spiders and the sauce.
What the hell was that?
I almost burned my face off it was so hot.

OK now last time I hit save I lost it.
I wonder what happens when I hit publish………

Have a nice day

Gofor Comehere


Monogram Queen said...

Hi Gofer, nice to meetcha!

Fire Byrd said...

Walker come back NOW!

Megan said...

Sorry, I have no clear idea what he does...I have some theories though.

Just telling it like it is said...

Nice to meet you's not every day that you meet a Gofor to Go for some wine I hope!!! well at least your trying exotic food.. the squid is really good with the right sauce...although it looks funny and believe me my stomach can't handle much but I do like squid for some strange reason and it doesn't matter if it looks like a spider...but testicals I am balls for me to eat..fondal yes..maybe even a lik or two...cheers!

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: I wish i didn't know him or that he didn't look alot like me lol

Walker said...

Fire Byrd : I will as soon as i finish being other peoples gofor

Walker said...

Megan: He shovels mountains of snow and carr[es things that he can't pick up

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is I love dim sum but some of my friends are allergic to food not sold at McDs.
BTW i like how you know how to handle balls ;)

PBS said...

Gorfor appears to have interesting days, also. Nice of him to step in. The late night comedians had a great time talking about how great W is at dodging!

Anonymous said...

Wow you sound so much like Walker you could actually BE him. You even like women with big breasts...uncanny really.